Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Walk

Today I was able to make it down to Seattle to the Green Lake area.  All these years that I have lived in the area, I have never walked around the loop.  The Green Lake loop, 2.8 miles around, was crowed with people from all walks of life on what was a beautiful Pacific Northwest Spring day.  In all, it took me about 45 minutes to get all the way around--so it was a nice leisurely walk.

While I was cruising around the lake, I was noticing all the different types of fashion statements people were making while enjoying their Saturday. It was easy to spot what were the three top fashion accessories: dogs, babies, and cups of coffee( the coffee is a clear sign of Seattle living). I didn't have any of the three "accessories"--so I was pretty unfashionable today ;)  although I thought I looked pretty stylish dressed in my lululemon gear.  Most other people were not dressed to impress on the trail, but were dressed more functionally for the area they live.  This would hardly be the case in Los Angeles and it was a good break from that mentality.

After the lake, I stopped by Nordstroms to return a pair of amazing heels (not the point) and it took all of my strength to not make any new purchases.  There were some amazing shoes that were calling my name.   The shoe on the left is a Sam Edelman and the shoe on the right is a Steve Madden. I absolutely love Sam Edelman flats, but these wedges (which are very in for the spring by the way) are so hot! Nice job Sam! And then I am always a sucker for any Steve Madden heels really.  The platform on these shoes make them    pretty comfortable, while being stylish all in one.  I'm still into the "hardware" on shoes as well and both of these fit into that category. Like I said though, I was good and did not make any purchases....TODAY! hehehe

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