Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swim Suit Etiquette

Going to the gym is something I regularly enjoy, not only because it helps me stay healthy and fit, but because it is an excellent place for people watching.  The things people decide to wear to workout in is really quite interesting.  Most people show up in what I would call an average looking "outfit"--something that is covering the appropriate parts of the body--yet comfortable to get their sweat on. I would say the typical shorts or pants with a t-shirt. Every once and awhile, there is someone who decides to mix it up and get crazy in their wardrobe choices.  This post is dedicated to my friend Taryn because we both have this weird obsession with pointing out what to us seems like obviously poor choices of clothing at the gym.

So moving from the gym to the pool--same rules apply.  I know there are limited choices when it comes to swimwear, but really people lets use some common sense and decency here.  Keep reading to find out what I mean.  I usually workout at the YMCA and there are a good number or regular swimmers that use the pool there.  There is this one guy, who by no means is overweight or hard on the eyes, but his speedo really needs to be thrown in the trash!  Every, and I mean every time he swims he wears the same speedo.  This speedo is an extremely close match with his skin tone and from far away it looks like he is not wearing one at all.  That being problem number one--that you can't tell if he is wearing anything--problem number two is the swimsuit looks all discolored from over wear and chlorine I'm sure.  This suit looks like he has had it since the early 80's.  It just isn't a good sight for anyone and it really irks me when I see him saunter out to hop in a lane.  Dressing oneself, in whatever circumstance it is, is not only something done for the self, but done with others in consideration (at least it should be).  I haven't got a picture to show you guys of this horrific sight, but I am sure you can use your imagination.  If you need an example of what NOT to wear....check it the picture below.  Wrong, but hilarious at the same time! Speedos for Jesus?!?  Nice Easter look I suppose ;)

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