Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny Ears

New trend?! Awhile back, March 2009, is when I first saw the whole bunny ear headband trend introduced on the runway by Louis Vuitton designed by Marc Jacobs of course.  It was spotted off the runway on likes of Madonna and the Olsen twins, but I wasn't so sure of whether this off the wall trend would catch on to the general public.  Now a year later then when it first debuted in March 2009 (for Fall '09 Season) the bunny ears have been given a new look.  Benoit Missolin has adorned his bunny ears with black glass-pearls that give it a stylish upgrade.  This version will cost you roughly $365 which is comparable to the Vuitton ears.  If you are looking for a "cheaper" pair, check out Top Shop for your Easter accessory.  Oh and more exciting news about the ears: Lindsay Lohan, who I absolutely love no matter how much of a hot mess she is, was spotted sporting the bunny ears two nights ago while leaving the new Hollywood hotspot Trousdale.  Would you rock the bunny ears?!

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